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Simplicity through modern design


A DADU can be one of the most rewarding experiences in a person’s life, but it can also be one of the most challenging.
With AVIOHomes, we simplify the process by distilling its complexities down to easy-to-grasp decisions along the way, allowing you to do the things you love!

Prospective homeowners can embark on a building journey with peace of mind, one step at a time with our Turn Key Service!

We’ll handle the process while you enjoy the journey! From permits to finishing touches, will handle every aspect of your backyard cottage.

We Build Extremely Efficient Buildings


We handle everything.

We take care of 100% of the building process, all you need to do is watch and enjoy!



AvioHomes are built to the latest Green 4-star level and use locally sourced materials wherever possible.



AvioHomes only builds DADU’s. Our focus is to be the best in the industry Hands down!


No hidden costs.

Transparent upfront pricing.
We go the extra mile to give you security in your building’s cost.


The right options.

Affordable designs to choose from.
We design most ADU’s to complement the look of your existing home!
For a personalized backyard home that costs less than the competition.


Flexibility meets efficiency.

Using SIP panels maximizes your R-Factor to 48 giving unparalleled efficiency.
You can also upgrade later to a fully functional DADU if you choose!

Innovative Products
Help us to lower building times.

Backyard Home Construction

918 120-day Install

Core to our design Principle is using local resources and suppliers. By using pin pads instead of standard foundations we create a unique low environmental impact foundation.
With an average of 33% lower build times. We are the future of building DADU’S.

Customer Experience

1228 Customer Service

Driven to deliver great customer service, we make tiny homebuilding a fun, hassle-free process.
More than just a DADU builder, AvioHomes is a team of passionate, customer-focused professionals in design and building.

106 Energy Efficient

We utilize locally sourced building products for our floor, walls, and roof structure that has a solid core of graphite-infused polystyrene insulation, resulting in a more comfortable, energy-efficient space than traditional construction. SIP wall
construction is the new Green Energy Builders’ choice.

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