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Frequently ask questions

How big is a D-ADU?

Avio Homes currently offer three standard sizes, as well as custom options of DADU/ ADU’s depending on your site needs.

Small: 250 sq. ft
Medium: 370 sq. ft
Large: 410 sq. ft
Extra Large: up to 1200 sq. ft

How much does an Avio Home cost?

Avio Homes offer several sizes, upgrade packages, and styles to fit your needs.
For the small AVIOHome, the Naked Lady; we are offering an introductory price of $136,000.
Depending on the size and optional accessories chosen, prices may vary. Permitting
costs, basic site work, installation, and utility connections from your main home are
included. Properties requiring elaborate site work or difficult utility connections may require
additional costs. Any additional costs will be quoted in advance.

What’s inside my Avio Home?

In addition to a full bathroom, each DADU has a fully equipped kitchen with a refrigerator, cooktop, and counter space. In addition, there is a closet that is plumbed and powered for a washing machine and dryer. With AVIOHomes, we handle all permits, site work, and utility connections so you can enjoy your backyard cottage as soon as it is installed. Check out more details in What’s in an Avio Home.

We are able to sell Kabins at such a low price by standardizing our construction process. With this said, some things are customizable in our DADUs/ADUs. Owners have the option of deleting the kitchen and/or bathroom and closet for some cost reduction. Owners may also customize colors and certain finishing materials such as flooring and cabinetry materials in their backyard cottage.

Can I customize my Avio Home?

Yes! For a limited time only, we will be designing homes to meet certain lot requirements. this feature will be available for only a limited time!
AVIO Homes are affordable because we have standardized our construction process. As a result, some things in our DADUs and ADUs can be customized. It is possible for owners to delete the kitchen and/or bathroom, as well as the closet, in order to reduce their costs. It is also possible for owners to customize the colors and certain finishing materials in their backyard cottages, such as flooring and cabinetry.

What is the construction and installation process?

By building our DADUs/ADUs on-site, AVIO Homes is able to streamline production, ensure quality control, and achieve efficiency, allowing us to pass the savings on to you. State and city building codes are followed in the design and engineering of all homes, and they are engineered to be highly energy-efficient. Just prior to construction AVIOHomes will come to your property to install a foundation and prepare utility connections for your backyard cottage. Your DADU will be built once your foundation has been completed and your backyard is ready. We will connect utilities, add the finishing touches, and handle the city’s final construction inspection. After a client walkthrough and final details are completed, you will be able to move in or rent your new home. AVIOHomes will manage each step of the process.

Are there any restrictions on how I use my Avio Home?

Due to the high demand for affordable housing. DADUs/ ADUs can be used for a wide variety of uses, including AirBnb, monthly rentals, and personal uses.

Can I finance the purchase of my Avio Home?

Yes! While we do not offer in-house financing, many of our clients refinance into an AVIOHome, and we can also assist with construction loans. We can recommend some local lenders based on your circumstances and what you plan to do with the DADU.

Will my property taxes go up?

Due to the fact that you are increasing the value of your property by adding a DADU/ADU, your property tax is likely to increase. There is so much equity and value that it pays for itself in no time.

Can I get separate meters for my Avio Home?

Yes. Our team will explore this upgrade for you and provide costs if desired.

Is my property eligible for a backyard home?

Our free AVIOHome assessment determines if your property qualifies for an AVIOHome based on its unique characteristics. Our property assessment tool can be found on our homepage, or you can contact us for a free assessment!

I want a DADU built by Avio Homes! What is the next step?

Contact us by email using our form below or give us a call. We look forward to welcoming you to the AVIO family!

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