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Create Equity Today with a
Backyard Office, Tiny Home, Recording Studio!

Change The Way You Live

AVIOHomes can add a backyard home, office, or recording studio to your property today!
Small homes offer big benefits, and now homeowners in Washington State have a better chance of allowing, designing
and building DADUs thanks to new legislation. Even the building departments are implementing streamlined solutions to
get this approved and built in a timely manner!

Our team at AVIOHomes understands how difficult it can be to complete a construction project from start to finish, especially
if it is your first time. When it comes to turnkey solutions, AVIOHomes simplifies, speeds up, and is far more affordable than
traditional design-build processes.

Gone are the days of construction chaos, confusion and cost overruns – from day one we make the entire process
transparent and stress-free, we handle every single step from start to finish.
If you’re considering adding a DADU to your property, here’s how it can add extraordinary value to your home.




A DADU can be turned into a rental property!

Allow the renters to pay off the structure, and in return you’ll have extra income in fifteen years!
Mortgage payments can be made easier with a DADU. You can travel and increase your retirement income at the same time. If you want to downsize, you can also do it in
your backyard while your primary home can be rented out. You can also use your home and DADU as two separate living spaces Rental properties! Our design process begins at the beginning so that your DADU generates positive cash flow.



You may be eligible for extra tax benefits.

Investing in a DADU creates equity and resale value Avio Homes will design your backyard cottage to complement the style of your main home and the layout of your yard for FREE*

A DADU can increase property value by providing an additional income stream, enhancing desirability, and improving the overall aesthetics and functionality of the property. These factors contribute to a higher market value and attract potential buyers who value the versatility, income potential, and added amenities that a DADU brings to the property.



Your New Avio Home DADU can serve as your home office. You can also use it as a home gym or yoga studio.
How about a recording studio? A member of our team is an acoustic designer and the company’s owner! Having a backyard cottage gives you the flexibility of converting it into an Airbnb rental when you’re away or a guest house when you’re in town during the holidays. DADUs offer endless opportunities.



A private space is ideal for hosting out-of-town guests and friends Away from your main residence. Make it possible for family members to age in place.
There is a separate room for a live-in nanny or au pair. Short-term housing solutions for extended families or college-bound students. Once they move out, you can turn the space into a rental unit.



constructing DADUs on residential properties can contribute significantly to creating affordable housing in a city. They allow homeowners to make efficient use of their land, provide housing options within established neighborhoods, and cater to diverse housing needs. By embracing DADUs as a housing solution, cities can increase the availability of affordable homes, address urban sprawl, and foster inclusive and sustainable communities.



DADUs support our local economy. As a result, affordable housing is more readily available and diverse. Our DADU’s have a low environmental impact. It is imperative to have an experienced team behind you if you want your project to be successfully completed.
At Avio Homes, we build DADUs, backyard cabins, and cottages. Our entire business model revolves around it!

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